Update to version 1.1.18 (16 August, 2012)

This update does not contain any major new features, but several existing capabilities have beern revised:

  • Lattice detector capability extended to all lattice types (Sec. 7.1.3 in the User's Manual)
  • Partial boundary conditions extended to cubes and cuboids, and the routine revised to account for reflections from hexagonal surfaces (Sec. 3.7 and 5.7 in the User's Manual)
  • Surface current detector extended to work with all boundary condition types (Sec. 7.1 in the User's Manual)
  • New pre-defined energy group structures (Sec. 7.1.2 in the User's Manual)

There are also several bug fixes, some of which may have an impact in the results:

  • Incorrect isomeric branching ratio for Am-243 fixed (the effect on the curim vector is practically negligible, because both Am-244 and Am-244m are short-lived and beta-decay into Cm-244)
  • Bug related to reaction cut-offs with fuel shuffling fixed
  • Bug in the calculation of B1 diffusion coefficient in multiple universes fixed

Note that the manual references are for the User's Manual dated August 16, 2012. Section numbers in later versions may differ.