Update to version 1.1.17 (5 March, 2012)

This update includes various new features discussed at the First International Serpent User Group Meeting held in Dresden, Germany, September 15-16, 2011. The new features include:

  • Surface current detector (Sec. 7.1.4 in the User's Manual)
  • Partial boundary conditions (Sec. 5.7 in the User's Manual)
  • New surface types: cones oriented in the x- and y-axes (Sec. 3.2.1 in the User's Manual)
  • Decay heat production divided into multiple precursor groups (Sec. 8.4.8 and 6.1.11 in the User's Manual)
  • Fission product poison cross sections (Sec. 5.1.8, 6.1.24 and 6.1.30 in the User's Manual)
  • Power distributions divided into energy groups (Sec. 6.1.32 in the User's Manual)
  • Source distribution read from file (Sec. 9.2.4 in the User's Manual)
  • Cuboidal 3D lattice (type 11, Sec. 3.6.2 in the User's Manual)

The source code is now compatible with Intel C-compiler (see Makefile for compiler options). The major bug fixes include:

  • Fission neutron production cross sections with probability table sampling fixed
  • Pointer error in DBRC when used with double-indexing fixed
  • Convergence problem in B1 calculation near criticality fixed
  • Fixed a problem related to elastic S(a,b) channel (some data was inadvertently set to zero)

Note that the manual references are for the User's Manual dated March 5, 2012. Section numbers in later versions may differ.