Update to version 1.1.16 (5 September, 2011)

This update corrects a number of seemingly minor bugs that were discovered in ENDF reaction laws at high energy (see comparison to Serpent 1.1.15). Most of the problems are related to inelastic scattering reactions and are not likely to affect reactor calculations.

The systematic comparison also revealed major differences in the way Serpent and MCNP handle erroneous ACE format data (See topic at the discussion forum. This is something that needs to be kept in mind when comparing the results of the two codes.

A data-related bug has also been fixed in the xsdirconvert.pl conversion script (See description). It is suggested that the directory files are regenerated using the new version of the script.

Other new features and bug fixes include option for switching delayed neutron emission on and off (see Sec. 5.18 in the User's Manual) and correcting a minor pointer error in the Doppler-broeadening routine.

Note that the manual references are for the User's Manual dated September 5, 2011. Section numbers in later versions may differ.