Update to version 1.1.15 (17 June, 2011)

Update 1.1.15 is issued to correct a number of bugs discovered since the last update in November 2010. The only new features in version 1.1.15 are the surface source and energy bin options in external source calculation mode (See Chapter 9 in the User's Manual).

The major bug fixes include:

  • Problems with equilibrium xenon calculation in burnup mode fixed
  • Correction to a bug introduced in version 1.1.14 in the use of Doppler-broadened cross sections in burnup calculation
  • Correction to a bug involving data with coincident energy points in Doppler-broadening pre-processor routine
  • Energy group indexing problem in fundamental mode calculation fixed
  • Problems with non-fissile burnable materials fixed
The handling of scattering matrixes was also changed. New output variables were added for group-to-group scattering production cross sections and an option was added to account for (n,xn) multiplication in removal cross sections (see Sec. 5.9 in the User's Manual).

Note that the manual references are for the User's Manual dated June 16, 2010. Section numbers in later versions may differ.