Update to version 1.1.13 (August 25, 2010)

The main new feature in version 1.1.13 is the option to reduce the memory usage in burnup calculation by omitting the pre-calculated material-wise summation cross sections (option "sumxs" in Sec. 5.16 of the User's Manual). This, and the use of directly-tallied transmutation cross sections (xscalc 1, Sec. 8.4.4) reduces the memory demand per burnable material by about a factor of 5-6.

Update 1.1.13 fixes a significant bug, encountered in burnup calculation when cross section calculation mode 2 (xscalc 2, Sec. 8.4.4) is used with unresolved resonance probablity table data and the calculation is run in the parallel mode.

Other new features and bug fixes include:

  • Hash symbol (#) as an alternative character for comment lines (Sec. 2.2.2)
  • Option to run geometry plotter without starting the transport simulation (command line option "-plot", Sec. 1.2)
  • Source buffer and collection interval parameters (Sec. 5.2)
  • Layer thickness in pin/particle definition (Sec. 3.4)
  • Automated calculation of detector volumes (Sec. 7.1)
  • Geometry errors with pad surfaces at 270 degrees angle fixed
  • Iteration modes broken in update 1.1.9 fixed (Sec. 5.14)
  • Minor bug fixes in probability table sampling
Note that the manual references are for the User's Manual dated August 25, 2010. Section numbers in later versions may differ.