Update to version 1.1.10 (March 24, 2010)

Update 1.1.10 corrects a methodological flaw in the initialization of the random number generator in the MPI mode. Problems in the previous versions are related to cases where the calculation is divided into a large number of MPI tasks and the random number sequence is overridden. Another bug fix is related to unsresolved resonance probability table data for natural elements. The energy binning differs from single-nuclide data, and even though the method may work correctly, disabling the treatment for natural elements brings the results into agreement with MCNP calculations. Some corrections were also made in the handling of ACE format dosimetry data.

New features include new output parameters, such as total CPU time and usage (Sec. 6.1.5 of the User's Manual) and decay heat and activity calculated separately for actinides and fission products (Sec. 6.1.10 of the User's Manual). A decay mode without transport calculation was added as an option to define the irradiation cycle. This mode is useful for calculating nuclide inventories after the fuel has been removed from the reactor (parameter "dep", Sec. 8.3 of the User's Manual). New options were added for defining the inventory list. In addition to separate isotopes, the user can specify elements, actinides, fission products, decay products and noble gases. (parameter "set inventory", Sec. 8.4.6 of the User's Manual).

A few previously undocumented surface types (cuboid and two hexagonal prisms) are included in the manual (Sec. 3.2.1). Also note that description of repeated boundary conditions is rewritten (Sec. 3.7).

Note that the manual references are for the User's Manual dated March 24, 2010. Section numbers in later versions may differ.