Software Release Notes - Serpent 1.1.0

The Serpent Monte Carlo reactor physics burnup calculation code is developed by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland. The code can be used free of charge by licensed organizations for non-commercial research and educational purposes. Any illegal use, particularly promoting the development of weapons of mass destruction is strictly prohibited. Such usage may violate international treaties and lead to extremely serious consequences, including criminal prosecution. All users are obligated by the terms listed in the Software License Agreement and it is the Licensee Organization's responsibility to inform the users of these terms. The code cannot be used outside the Licensee Organization or distributed to a third party. Any violation of these terms may lead to the termination of the agreement and all collaboration with the developer team. VTT and the developers assume no liability for the use of the code or the validity of the results. See your organization's license agreement for the detailed terms and conditions.