Fusion neutronics workshop at the University of Cambridge, 11-12 June 2015


University of Cambridge in the UK is organizing a two-day fusion neutronics workshop on June 11-12. The purpose of the workshop is to discuss the current topics and challenges in the field of fusion neutronics, and the possibility of extending the use of Serpent into fusion applications, including:

  • Heat deposition and material damage calculations
  • Tritium breeding
  • Coupled multi-physics calculations
  • Activation and shut-down dose rate calculations

The new features in Serpent 2 relevant for fusion neutronics applications are introcuded. In addition we are looking for contributions from Serpent users and the fusion neutronics community, and in general, a fruitful discussion on the related topics.


Register by May 31 to Dr. Eugene Shwageraus (es607@cam.ac.uk). No registration fee.


Department of Engineering
Trumpington Street
Cambridge, CB2 1PZ

Hotel links:

Looking forward to seeing you in Cambridge!


Examples in demo session