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Serpent thermal scattering data library
Serpent JEF-2.2 ACE format data library with ures ptables
Serpent JEFF-3.1 ACE format data library with ures ptables
Serpent JEFF-3.1.1 ACE format data library with ures ptables
Serpent ENDF/B-VI.8 ACE format data library with ures ptables
Serpent ENDF/B-VII ACE format data library with ures ptables
Cross Section Libraries for Serpent 1.1.7
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Annual progress reports

PSG Status Report (March 2008)
Serpent Progress Report 2009
Serpent Progress Report 2010
Serpent Progress Report 2011
Serpent Progress Report 2012


Serpent User Group Meeting 2011 (Dresden, Germany, Sept. 15-16 2011)
Serpent User Group Meeting 2012 (Madrid, Spain, Sept. 19-21 2012)
Serpent User Group Meeting 2013 (Berkeley, CA, USA, Nov. 6-8 2013)
Serpent User Group Meeting 2014 (Cambridge, UK, Sep. 17-19 2014)
Serpent User Group Meeting 2015 (Knoxville, TN, USA, Oct. 13-16 2015)
Serpent User Group Meeting 2016 (Milan, Italy, Sept. 26-29 2016)
Serpent User Group Meeting 2017 (Gainesville, FL, USA, Nov. 6-9 2017)
Serpent User Group Meeting 2018 (Espoo, Finland, May 29 - Jun. 1 2018)
Serpent User Group Meeting 2019 (Atlanta, GA, USA, Oct. 14-19 2019)
Serpent User Group Meeting 2020 (Munich, Germany, Oct. 27-30 2020)


Serpent 1.1.7 at the OECD / NEA Data Bank: NEA-1840
Serpent cross section libraries at the OECD / NEA Data Bank: NEA-1854
Serpent 1.1.7 at RSICC: C00757
A conversion script for directory files:
A Matlab script for statistical comparison of two or more Serpent output files: sss_stat_test.m
Andrei Fokau's Ruby script for interactive geometry plotting: serpent-plotter.rb
SerpentXS:Automated cross section generation for Serpent
STOP:a Matlab-based Serpent-PARCS wrapper
Example cases
NOTE: In some cases, the format of downloaded files must be converted from DOS to UNIX

External C libraries

The Message Passing Interface (MPI):
The GD open source graphics library:

Material, atomic and nuclear data

Periodic table of elements:
Steam tables and fluid properties at the NIST Chemistry WebBook:
JANIS Java-based nuclear information software:


GNU Octave home page: